Steel Fabrication Sydney

steel fabrication sydney

Designed Building Systems have provided steel fabrication in Sydney for more than 35 years to both the private and public sector. We specialise in the following areas:

Architectural steel fabrication

Architects, designers and construction specialists use steel because it provides a modern and contemporary feel to their buildings. That's because steel not only has a high strength-to-weight ratio, but it can be shaped easily and pairs well with other materials, such as timber, concrete and glass the company was awarded STATE & NATIONAL RECOGNITION by the AUSTRALIAN STEEL INSTIUTE for the Milson Island Recreation Centre .For superior architectural steel fabrication in Sydney. Designed Building Systems is your first call.

Retail and commercial steel fabrication

At Designed Building Systems we have performed A VAST number of retail & commercial projects with National Company`s the likes of Woolworths, Coles MYER, Office Works DAN Murphies Bunnings, Harvey Norman etc as well as State authorities on Opera House, Flemington markets, Olympic Village, Railway stations, Silverwater Jail, POLICE Stations & numerous SCHOOL also with private developments on READING Cinema complex, DEE WHY & STRATHFIELD R.S.L. CLUBS

Industrial steel fabrication

Over the years we have supplied an enormous amount of industrial STEEL fabrication in Sydney for factory units, Large Warehousing, FREEZER FACILITIES, BREWERIES, Dairy farmers and we have the skill and reputation to give quality service every time

Custom steel fabrication

With our team of specialist we can provide an endless range of customised steel fabrication to suite your needs, Customised steelwork comes from Developing, Engineering Servicing and Understand the needs of our clients and to those ends we have gained a reputation of excellence with some of Australia`s largest Auction Houses for handling /storage of damage cars with our vehicle raking system which has been install across the country from Tasmania, to Northern Territory Perth to Sydney .we able to adapt our business to suite your needs

Designed Building Systems provides an award winning steel fabrication in Sydney. For more information call our (steel fabricators in Sydney)on our fabrication services us on 02 9727 0566 or send us an email enquiry.